Eating Disorders

Whether you are battling a long term eating disorder, have problems with emotional eating, or are just seeking a healthier relationship with food, nutrition therapy can help. Our approach focuses on a supportive, individualized treatment of your eating disorder through addressing negative ideas about food, triggers and stressors, and body image issues. We collaborate with you and your treatment team to help you normalize eating behaviors and form a healthy relationship between food and emotions. We work together to address behavior change and promote intuitive eating.

  1. The first consultation is a comprehensive review of your medical history, medications, supplements, allergies, food likes and dislikes, physical activity, family, home life, routines, food behaviors and individual stressors or triggers. It also includes meal planning and goal setting.

  2. Follow-up visits are recommended on a weekly basis. At these meetings we will review goals and meal journals, discuss challenges, and work on behavior modification. Follow-up visits may include food or restaurant challenge sessions.